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Razos Ring Shop

About Us

Welcome to Razo's Ring Shop, where all of my jewelry is 100% Handcrafted and customizable!

I run this shop all on my lonesome, in order to save money for everyone. Every day, I am working on at least 20+ different rings at a time, which can take anywhere between two weeks to two months to be handcrafted from the highest quality materials. 

Although I do my absolute best to keep on top of my messages, I spend pretty much all day, every day in my crafting room working on the rings. I understand that the waiting process can be very exciting, but messaging me daily asking for updates will only slow down the process of your ring, as well as everyone else's. Chances are, if I have not messaged you, then there are no new updates regarding your order.

I have many more designs that are not featured here yet, so if you don't see something that you like, please feel free to send me a message and I will do my absolute best to assist you If you are planning to create a custom ring, please plan months in advance, as I have to create a digital 3-D model of it, a wax mold, a wax model, a prototype, a test ring, and then the final product. This process takes at least two months, since I am also working on 20ish rings per day.

Due to the customized nature of each ring, I am not offering any type of return options at the moment. Each Ring is 100% handcrafted and takes around 30+ hours in total to create.

Thanks for stopping by!
-Gabe Razo
Razo's Ring Shop